The Dispossessed (2015)

The Dispossessed (2015) / documentary short, 10 min.

SYNOPSIS The film tells the stories of people who live in different districts of Istanbul. In the documentary, we witness people who are forgotten by society, namely the dispossessed.

Assistant Director/Producer: Ömer Faruk Akbıyık

Sound Recording: Eda Taş, Umut Heja Akbıyık, Boğaçhan Mestan

Set Photographer: Aslı Mugul

Director/Montage/Camera/Producer: Zafer Yorganci

  • 2016, "Special Jury Prize Award" Gençöncüler Association Short Film Competition in Turkey.

  • 2016, Doc Sun back Film Festival in the U.S.A.

  • 2015, 10th International Second Hand Film Festival in Turkey.

  • 2016, Goldensun Short Film Festival in Malta.

  • 2015, IX. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival.



Frames (2021) / fiction short, 9 min.

With the support of European Union Funds & With the contribution of the University of Lower Silesia.

SYNOPSIS Father and son have sought refuge in Turkey due to the war in Syria. After long internment in a refugee camp, they eventually reach Istanbul where they must learn to live again. The trauma of war and loss causes them to unexpectedly remain in a peculiar state.

Cast: Muhammed M. Erzen, Sertac Cihan

Line Producer/Assistant Director: Sertac Timar

Graphic Design: Mihir Moshuir

Sound Mix & Design: Deep K. Nath

Director/Montage/Camera/Producer/Writer: Zafer Yorganci

  • 2021, Taste of Anatolia - Films from Turkey in Cambridge, UK.

  • 2021, Award '' The Runner Up Short Film on Refugee '' IIUSFF Film Festival association with (UNHCR) in Bangladesh.

  • 2021, Financial Support by European Union Funds in Poland.



Frames (2021) by Zafer Yorganci